Academic Program

At TCDS, we believe that teaching and learning is a personal journey. Your child is one of one, and our Academic Program is built around this fact. Instead of adhering to a scripted, one-dimensional curriculum where teachers are told exactly what to teach, how, and when, our teachers are given creative freedom to develop a learning experience for their students using three distinct and important elements: New Learning, Practice, and Project-Based Learning.

New Learning

Champions learn new skills and concepts every day. Guided by the Arizona Academic Standards, teacher’s prepare and deliver quality lessons that balance teacher explanations with student experiences, leading to new learning.


Practice makes permanent! In order for students to retain and use their new learning, daily practice of skills and concepts is essential. Because each individual learns in different ways and at different paces, practice is personalized to what each student needs.

Project Based Learning

In order for new learning to have meaning, it must be applied. Project Based Learning gives students frequent opportunities to actively engage in real-world and personally meaningful projects.


The TCDS SEAL Team provides small group and one-on-one support for students, helping them move along their unique academic and social learning journey.

What about homework?

When it comes to homework, TCDS believes the “heavy cognitive lifting” for students should take place at school, where they are steadily and consistently challenged by their teachers and peers to think critically, justify thoughts and opinions, problem solve individually and collaboratively, and to extend and apply their learning to real-world situations. Any work done at home is intended to be purposeful practice of skills that students can complete independently and efficiently. Aside from any assigned homework, one of the best things students can do at home is to read!

For additional information or questions about the academic program at TCDS, please contact our Chief Innovation Officer, Mr. Claudio Bravo: