6th-8th Grade

The TCDS middle school program serves approximately 250 6th-8th grade students in a highly collaborative and student-driven environment, where students build upon the academic skills and social strategies they developed in elementary school while discovering more about their own personality traits and passions as they become independent thinker and problem solvers. Learn more about our award winning program below!

Drop off and Pick up

GradeOperating HoursDrop-offPick-up
(8:30a-12p on Wednesdays)
*Older siblings may arrive at their younger sibling’s drop off time and check into Sibling Care, free of charge. **Younger siblings may be picked up with their older siblings and will be checked into Sibling Care, free of charge, until their older siblings are released.

Upon arrival, middle school students report directly to their designated classroom. Students arriving earlier than 8:05 AM must be checked into the fee-based Champion Care program.

Sibling and Champion Care

Older siblings may arrive at their younger sibling’s drop off time and check into Sibling Care, free of charge.

Younger siblings may be picked up with their older siblings and will be checked into Sibling Care, free of charge, until their older siblings are released.

You can find K-5 start and end times, here.

Morning Flag Ceremony

Every morning, at 8:20, TCDS middle school students and staff gather on the “green hill” for the raising of the Flag and reciting of the Pledge of Allegiance and Champion Pledge. These are valued traditions at TCDS and we believe the respect and discipline shown during these ceremonies instill in students a sense of pride and honor toward our country and school community. 

Champion Pledge

I am a Champion. I am an individual. I make mistakes so I can learn, I learn so I can succeed. I succeed so I can help others. I am somebody. I will become the person I want to be. I will act like a Champion in every way! Because I am a Champion, Today is the day I will succeed!

Academic Program

Our 6th-8th students are provided with a rigorous and relevant curriculum driven by three primary elements of engagement: New Learning, Practice, and Project Based Learning. To learn more about our Academic Framework, click here.

Students in grades 6-8 have a six-period schedule where they engage in a Math, Science, Humanities, and Learning Block class, along with two student-selected Electives classes: Physical Education, Band/Orchestra, American Sign Language, Spanish, Art, Tabletop Gaming, and STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math).

Social Program

Social development is supported as students are provided the necessary tools to manage their own emotions and behaviors, aiming towards a culture of Healthy Relationships. Our daily Champion Check in system in 6-8 grade classrooms provides the routine opportunity to help students learn to be problem solvers who develop empathy and respect for themselves and others. To learn more about our Social Framework, click here.

Honors Program

At Tucson Country Day School we strive for academic and social excellence. Our Middle School Honors Program supports that endeavor by recognizing those students who demonstrate both a commitment to their community and a dedication to scholastic success. Based on teacher recommendations, participation in the program acknowledges classroom grades and campus behavior that go above and beyond expectations. TCDS Honors students are afforded the opportunity to work with and learn from their peers, in rigorous and engaging curriculum, while serving as role models for all of our TCDS Champions.

1. When does this class take place?  As our Honors Program seeks to fit the needs and help develop the personal strengths of our Champion students, we have found that having a specific class of “Honors Humanities” to be a great fit in our middle school.  There, as students interact with curriculum concerning history, culture, and language arts, we can find the extra time and focus to delve deeper into meaningful topics, classroom projects, and student interests that aim to promote growth in our TCDS social and academic framework.

2. How does it fit within the context of their entire day in middle school?  TCDS Honors students are expected to represent their program throughout their school day and are accountable (as are all of our students) for their decisions and scholastic progress.  Classroom teachers are asked to identify Honors students in their own classrooms and seek to “push the learning” of each individual.  Naturally this should not mean that Honors students are given more assignments or homework, but that each child should be encouraged to experience rigor (and develop learning habits and resiliency) in a manner that uniquely challenges and rewards the learner.

3. How does an Honors student’s day look different from other students?  In accordance with the above answers, often it may be difficult to distinguish an “Honors student” from their peers at TCDS.  All of our young champions are encouraged to try, to do their best, and to practice life skills of social and academic excellence that should ready them for a lifetime of success.  Aside from their enrollment in a collaborative Humanities class, Honors students attend other classes with their friends and peers and enjoy the typical fundamental growth afforded by our TCDS Middle School environment.  It is, however, no coincidence that these same students are routinely sought after and typically involved in positions such as classroom teacher aides, Student Council, and our National Junior Honors Society.

Supplies and Uniforms


Uniform Bottoms: The length of shorts, skirts, skorts, and jumpers must be near the mid-thigh, and be modest in appearance. Leggings can be worn under uniform bottoms as socks or tights. All grade levels have the choice to wear navy blue, black, or khaki bottoms.

Socks and Shoes: Students are expected to wear school-appropriate socks with closed-toed footwear.

Uniform Top: Shirt colors are designated by grade level and must have a collar. The student uniform shirt must be a solid color and cannot have any monograms, stripes, logos (except the TCDS logo) or other markings on them.

Uniform shirt colors are as follows:

Sixth GradeSky Blue
Seventh GradeGreen
Eighth GradeWhite


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Middle school families receive a weekly email from the Middle School Director, highlighting what students are learning in their classes, important dates, and photos of our middle schoolers in action from the week prior.