Social Program

Social development is supported at TCDS as students are provided the necessary tools to manage their own emotions and behaviors, aiming towards a culture of Healthy Relationships. There is no “one way” approach to guiding an individual towards their own social and emotional well being. The TCDS Social Program is designed around this reality, utilizing the proven and research-based principles of Love and Logic and Conscious Discipline. 

Love and Logic

Love and Logic is a process by which children grow through their mistakes and learn from the consequences of their choices. This happens as teachers set firm limits in loving ways without anger, lecture, threats or repeated warnings. When children misbehave and cause problems, teachers hand these problems back with empathy, giving kids the gift of owning and solving their problems.

Conscious Discipline

Conscious Discipline is a way or organizing our school and classrooms around the concept of a school family. Each member of the family, both adult and child, learns the skills needed to successfully manage life tasks such as learning, forming relationships, communicating effectively, being sensitive to others’ needs and getting along with others. Conscious Discipline operates on a basis of creating physical and psychological safety for children, builds self-esteem by addressing children’s universal need to be connected and contributing members of a group, and where conflict is viewed as a problem solving opportunity.


The TCDS SEAL Team provides small group and one-on-one support for students, helping them move along their unique academic and social learning journey.

For additional information or questions about the social program at TCDS, please contact our Chief Student Advocate, Mrs. Terra Maddock: