TCDS Podcast

Episode 8; The evolution of school safety with TCDS Safety Team Mrs. Vickie and Ms. Kotel

In this episode our Safety Team discusses how we keep our community of students and staff safe and the mindset we’re seeking to instill through safety drills and training.

Episode 7; What is a Lil’ Champ? with Lil’ Champs Director Mrs. Wanda

In this episode we take an inside look into how our thriving Early Ed program connects with young learners and the K-8 community that surrounds it.

Episode 6; The importance of safety and connection in the classroom with Kindergarten Teacher Ms. Paige

In this episode we discuss conscious discipline and how brain science can influence how adults create optimal learning conditions for children.

You can read more about conscious discipline, here.

Episode 5; The “what” and “why” behind Social Emotional Learning with SEL Specialist Sam Campbell

In this episode we discuss the world of Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and how TCDS is building SEL into its program.

Why SEL is essential for students

What the research says about SEL

Episode 4; A TCDS Tortoise and learning with purpose with Middle School Science Teacher Billy Russas

In this episode we discuss plans for a student-designed and built desert tortoise enclosure on the TCDS campus, and how project-based learning brings purpose to learning.

Episode 3; The science of reading and how to build readers with Literacy Specialist Denise Fiore

In this episode we discuss what reading experts and cognitive scientists have learned about how to build readers, what TCDS is doing with this research, and how families can support their child’s reading development.

Science of reading

Reading Rockets (great parent resource)

Heart word parent letter

Episode 2; Why many people think they are not a “math person” with Numeracy Specialist Agi Post

In this episode we discuss math anxiety, the importance of experiencing math before it is explained, and the “why” behind the online tool ST Math.

TedTalk by Dan Meyer: Math class needs a makeover

Math anxiety and stress in adults:

ST Math Parent Kit

Episode 1; The vision of TCDS academics with Chief Innovation Officer Claudio Bravo

In this episode we discuss the history of education, Arizona school letter grades, and the future of TCDS academics.

Books and articles referenced in this episode:

Drive by Daniel Pink

The End of Average by Todd Rose