Why People Love TCDS!

Tucson Country Day School is the proud recipient, and reigning winner of the Arizona Daily Star Reader’s Choice Award for “Best Charter School”.

Our Early Childhood Program also won the “Golden Daisy Award” by Macaroni Kid, an organization that works to enrich communities and empower families.

Hear what students, families, and staff have to say about their experience at TCDS:

  • Noel T. Avatar
    Noel T.

    Today was my grandaughters first day of school...The best greeting on the first day that I've ever seen. So happy this is her school!!!

    Sandra S. Avatar
    Sandra S.
    positive review 

    The BEST early childhood program ever!

    Iris K. Avatar
    Iris K.
    positive review 

    Our son started in Preschool 2 years ago, we had been looking for a place that made him feel safe and secure after having a bad experience a Kindercare. He came home happy every day, the teachers have a very good balance of kindness and positive discipline (which is great). We have very good communication with his teachers and they keep us posted on his progress. We are very happy that he loves to tell us about his day and is always eager to return to school! Staff is very friendly all over campus, it’s gated and secure. The catering for lunch is amazing, very healthy and yummy options, better than what I had in my cafeteria!

  • Shane K. Avatar
    Shane K.

    New school for my little man and everything including the staff beat my expectations. I even saw two adults told not to sit on top of a picnic table and to lead by example by a light humored staff member (which was awesome). Higher standards for everyone.

    Alison P. Avatar
    Alison P.

    The care this school has shown in the education of my son is incredible.

    Ben K. Avatar
    Ben K.

    I went to TCDS from 1st grade to 8th grade and I have watched as the school has blossomed over the past decade. They have continued to expand their programs and curriculum while maintaining expectations of academic and social excellence. This school provided me with the necessary foundation to succeed in life as a student but even more importantly as a person. I will always remember my time at TCDS.

  • John M. Avatar
    John M.

    Great campus and great teachers. It is always a joy to visit the campus.

    Heather E. Avatar
    Heather E.

    Being new to Tucson, finding a quality school was a major concern of mine. After a little over a year of searching, we finally found this Gem. From the initial tour, through the final days of school, my son's first year was amazing, and we returned for a second. Now registered for a 3rd year, I couldnt be happier amd neither could my son. I recommend TCDS to everyone. This school is the community these children need. Thank you for all that you do!

    Susan M. Avatar
    Susan M.

    Just dropped my little one off for 2nd grade. He's so excited. We love this school.

  • Maria H. Avatar
    Maria H.

    An awesome school

    Miguel P. Avatar
    Miguel P.
    positive review 

    Amazing teachers and staff

    DeLyla P. Avatar
    DeLyla P.

    They have been a stellar addition to my grand nephew's life.

  • Leticia E. Avatar
    Leticia E.
    positive review 

    It was my youngest daughter school since she was 1 grade till 7 grade

    Joanie H. Avatar
    Joanie H.
    positive review 

    This is our 4th year with the school. Our oldest started here in kindergarten she is currently in 3rd grade and our youngest is in kindergarten. I can not say enough about the strong academic core curriculum. Classes are smaller then the public schools. Our daughters are learning Spanish, they are also learning to play musical instruments, they’re loving their art classes and staying active with after school sports and activities that are available to students.

    I absolutely love that every single morning

    school is started with saying the pledge of allegiance as well as The Champion Pledge!

    You can find the principal and the assistant principal all around campus. They are constantly active throughout the entire campus. With every and all grade levels from K-8th grade. They don’t need to try to show children that they care, because the children already know they are genuinely cared about, by Mr. Hannah & Mr. Krause.

    TCDS having separate start & end times for lower and upper grade levels is genius!!!!! The results of these separate times is less traffic in the parking lot therefore bringing more safety to students, siblings and families.

    Having such a highly secured campus, I never have to worry about who can or will try to enter their school.

    When we enter the campus, you can sense a closeness and a family-like feel. There is no better place for your children to be, then with family! That is exactly why our daughters will remain at TCDS all the way through 8th grade. This is their school but it’s also their family! Champions today means champions for life!

    Pam P. Avatar
    Pam P.

    Love this school!

  • Adrienne M. Avatar
    Adrienne M.

    My daughter went here 2nd through 8th grade! She is now a senior at UHS and she still reminisces about her TCDS days! Wonderful school! The staff is amazing. We still miss it all the time!