Student Devices

Option 1: Purchase a Chromebook from TCDS

We currently do not have Chromebooks available for purchase. Please check back at a later date, as we periodically restock Chromebooks throughout the year.

Option 2: Purchase a Chromebook from an outside vendor

Chromebooks are different from laptops. Confused? Read this article that explains the differences.

Check vendors such as Best Buy, Amazon, Dell, Walmart, Samsung, or Office Depot, to name a few. If you choose this option it is recommended that you act fast as inventory is limited due to high demand.

Buying tips

Option 3: Bring your own laptop/Chromebook

Students may use their own Chromebooks or laptops; either option must meet the requirements as stated in the device policy, found here (on pages 25 &26).

Please contact Rachel Robertson, our program coordinator, if you have any further questions <>.