Summer Quest

The TCDS SEAL (Social Emotional Academic Learning) Team is excited to provide our families with an 8-week summer learning program in the areas of numeracy, literacy and social emotional learning.

We carefully selected engaging, meaningful and age appropriate activities for your children to grow in their skills.

Please choose the grade level that your child is entering next fall and enjoy this summer learning quest!

For tracking purposes, please enter the information below every time you use the Summer Quest lessons. Thank you!

    What grade will you be in next year?

    What will you be working on today?

    Show us what you learned this week!

    Upload a screenshot of an online game or photo of a worksheet/puzzle from this week's lessons (you only need to do this once per week)!

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    Playing games, solving puzzles, using objects to discover patterns and utilizing models to problem solve are the best ways to learn math.  The process of solving math problems using strategies that make sense to your child is the most important aspect of developing number sense, even if the answer may not be clear in some cases. 

    Please encourage your child to use objects and drawings to show their thinking even when they are playing a game.  If you don’t have playing cards or dice, simply write numbers 1 – 9 on pieces of paper in 4 sets and shuffle those.  Game Boards could be printed from the slides if you download the presentation, or they can be drawn. 

    Some of the resources will direct you to digital tasks that will have the answer and even hints to help children get to the solution.  For the weekly “challenge” questions you can find the answers at looking at your child’s previous grade level, and for the mashup puzzles you can find some of the answers here.

    Enjoy the Summer Quest Numeracy program to help your child move along their learning path.


    The Summer Quest Literacy program allows your child to keep important language arts skills fresh in their minds as they move on to the next grade level. Just copy an activity or use a notebook to complete the practice. The majority of the work will require writing to reinforce the benefits that the act of writing has on retaining information. Your child will have the opportunity to work on reading, writing, spelling, and grammar.  A variety of links are also provided to explore other resources and interactive activities that will support your child’s learning path.

    1st & 2nd Grade

    June (additional resource, here)


    3rd & 4th Grade

    June (additional resource, here)


    5th & 6th Grade

    June (additional resource, here)


    7th & 8th Grade

    June (additional resource, here)


    Social Emotional Learning

    The digital Summer Quest SEL program is designed to build social and emotional competence and develop character through fun daily activities.  The content can be downloaded and either printed or interacted with directly on the slides. 

    Our SEL program has five foundational competencies: self-management, responsible decision-making, relationship skills, social awareness and self-awareness. The program provides opportunities to practice mindfulness, engage in family discussion starters, define and notice character traits, cultivate a habit of being grateful, and explore positive affirmations and specific SEL skills.