Text overlay on image of the walkway towards the TCDS activity center. The green hill is adjacent to the green hill. The text reads: SEAL Team Mission, Partnering with staff, Empowering students, Connecting with families.
Image of the five members of the SEAL team.
Our SEAL team members

The SEAL Team is composed of Specialists in the areas of Social and Emotional Learning, Literacy, and Numeracy, along with SEAL coaches who partner with Specialists to provide student support. This team partners with teachers and staff in providing instruction to students that is research-based and personalized, as well as connecting with families and equipping them with tools they can use to support their child.

The SEAL Team provides support to any student in need, based on teacher recommendations. If you’d like more information about the SEAL Team and how they operate, email the SEAL Coordinator, Mrs. Agi Post (