PLEDGE (Parents Leaders Educators Developing Growth and Excitement)

Our Mission

To support our students, teachers and families in order to build community and provide opportunities to positively impact not only the students’ education, but their experience as a whole.

What is PLEDGE?

PLEDGE provides an avenue for parent involvement in the TCDS community. Members of PLEDGE organize events, partner with TCDS admin to support the student learning experience, and facilitate ways to advocate for students, teachers, and families at TCDS.

Why join?

  • Research has shown that parent participation benefits a child’s level of achievement.
  • Tap into a Network: Parents, students, and teachers all benefit from support. Sharing ideas, concerns, and experiences is a great way to build our connection to each other.
  • Watch Yourself Grow: By volunteering with PLEDGE, you gain valuable experiences. Share your insight as we work together to encourage our students in their pursuit of academic and social excellence.
  • Speak Up: PLEDGE is a forum for exchanging ideas and working towards improving the student learning experience.
  • Make a difference: By getting involved at TCDS, you are a partner in facilitating student achievement and overall betterment of our school.
  • Be a role model: PLEDGE membership demonstrates the importance you place on education.

Ways to get involved

  • Attend our monthly meetings.
  • Attend fundraisers.
  • Help coordinate and volunteer at events
  • Join the TCDS PLEDGE Facebook page for current info