Champion Student Segment: 4th graders explore U of A tree ring lab and learn Navajo history

Guest writer: Annycia Arenas

Grade: 4th grade, Ms. Young

On Monday, November 3rd, our fourth grade class went on a field trip to the University of Arizona (UofA), where we visited the Laboratory of Tree Ring Research and the Arizona State Museum.    `

What I learned at the Tree Ring Lab was how many rings are on the inside of the tree shows how old it is. Something else I learned was that the samples that they take can sometimes kill the tree.

TCDS students studying tree rings at the U of A
Taking a closer look at tree rings

At the Arizona State Museum what I learned was that the Hopi people eat pike as bread and called it batter of blue. Also, the Navajo people were very special because they had their own language. The Navajo people were also special because of their weaving and pottery.

Navajo pottery at the Arizona State Museum
Navajo pottery at the Arizona State Museum

There was so much stuff I did not know about, but from the field trip now I do.  One day I want to go back with my family so that they can see it themselves. It was so fun to go there.       

Annycia Arenas