Read the TCDS distance learning plan here.

Academic Excellence is achieved at TCDS through high levels of student engagement in a curriculum that is centered around the needs of the individual student. Students at TCDS are actively learning, meaning that if you were to walk into one of our classrooms you would see students engaged in discussion, creating hands-on projects, asking questions, working one-on-one with teachers, and collaboratively problem solving with peers.

The TCDS curriculum is built using the Arizona public education standards as a guide. The Champion teachers and staff at TCDS then design a learning experience for their students that is tailored to the unique needs of their class, centered around student interests and abilities. Learning is not a one-size-fits-all process and our academic program mirrors this reality.

When it comes to homework, TCDS believes the “heavy cognitive lifting” for students should take place at school, where they are steadily and consistently challenged by their teachers and peers to think critically, justify thoughts and opinions, problem solve individually and collaboratively, and to extend and apply their learning to real-world situations. Any work done at home is intended to be purposeful practice of skills that students can complete independently and efficiently. Homework is not intended to overwhelm students or families, rather to be an opportunity for students to strengthen knowledge, sharpen skills, and to apply learning in meaningful ways.

The summer months are a great time for students to continue honing their academic skill set. TCDS offers a four-week Summer Academy throughout the month of June for students in 1st-8th grade who are looking to fill gaps or extend their learning to new heights.

For additional information or questions about the academic program at TCDS, please contact our Principal, Mr. Jordan Krause: